Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

You simply copy and paste the details into a simple excel spreadsheet that will automatically upload and store your client information. Every time you invoice a customer, you will highlight the customer from a drop down menu that is stored within your secure account environment. You then follow the simple process of adding value and invoice due date and the rest is automatically done.

As part of the set up process, we ask you to complete information regarding your terms and conditions. The system will automatically calculate cost and interests as per your terms which is important if the case is later pursued through litigation.

The invoices and communications will carry your own branding and contact information. We encourage your customers to contact you direct to discuss any disputes or payment issues. Therefore your clients will see that all your documentation is professional which will encourage prompt settlement of your invoices.

As a business you are entitled to charge under the Late Payments of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 (Act). When you set up your account, you can opt out of applying interest and cost.

You log into the site under your secure codes. You will see all your invoices and at what stage of the dunning cycle. It will provide a list of next actions to stop the process, you simply check the paid box and this will stop further communication sent to your customer. It is very important to complete this task as you can access accurate reporting on how your customers pay and whether they pay on time or beyond terms. Very important information to help manage your customer for future transactions.

If your business requirements grow, you can upgrade your package at any time within your contracted period. We offer flexible packages to suit your business needs so if you have seasonal periods that require additional invoices, we can offer a pay per invoice addition to your agreed package.

The system will provide different options to report on settlements and you simply check the promise to pay box. This will stop further communications being sent.

We offer flexible packages for all business requirements and can offer a pay by invoice service. Please see out tariff page for all invoice pricing.